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Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st Chemo Treatment!!


My MRI was clean, so cancer hasnt spread to the brain...boy, was i sure relieved...that had me scared...

Last time i checked this bloggie, was 2 comments...As a lot of u know, i had the 1st chemo wednesday...Everything went good that evening, not sick, not tired or anything...and Thursday, it went great...but lol, my luck ran out Friday...SOOO sick on my tummy and the "cant poops"..One of the nurses called me that evening and told me to get some "milk of Magnesia" for it..cant remember what she said to do for the sickie feeling...I do feeel some better today, the "cant poops" are not as bad, still tummy upset..I need to eat something, but u all know how that is, when ur belly is rolling u dont want nothing to do with food...we made some jello a bit ago, mayb that will be enuff...hope so, ima starving..

My throat is hurting bad, not sure if its from the chemo drugs or sinuses..(they tend to drain and make my throat and ears hurt)..Hubby says its red and bumpie in, i do know its sore as heck...

The doctor said we would do 2 months of chemo, then a ct-scan to c if it is helping...boy, i need to get really use to needles...had bloodwork b4 they did the IV, and this coming friday more bloodwork...

and let me take this time to say, wow, addie, lucie and hailey and their mom, and maryann and "the brats", u both made my day the other day...all the goodies u sent, are Very much appreciated....Thanks so much!!!

so far, i still got hair....none that i can tell has fallen out...hubby had a glitch with his pay last week, so instead of me going to a beauty parlor to get my hair cut some..we did it...hmm, its a little lop sided, but dont look to bad..

lol, hubby told me today i was way to, i told him i guess so cause i felt like (insert HBO word)..

Next chemo treatment is the 27th, and now i know kinda what will go on...gonna take knock out pills for the 2 and 3rd day afterwards...and make sure i ask them what i can do to ease those side affects...

Pippa's mom gave me a couple links, those are the drugs thats in my "cocktail", thats what they call it...i would rather have a strawberry daquari...or a wine cooler...The links are here and here, if u would like to check them out..Thanks Pippa's mom!!

Ok, back to bed for me, take care all, till next time.


PPs, i did manage to get the Mango Minster 2010 on the news thingy...If it works, for some reason it wasnt showing up earlier...


  1. Thanks for the update on YOU!

    As I keep saying...and others echo and repeat, we are so here for you...

    As for too pale, that's my standard colour LOL!

    Stay warm and keep those feet up!

    Khyra and Phyll

  2. Your hubby sounds like a gem, Claudette!

    Love ya lots,
    Sue, Maggie and Mitch

  3. Wow! I didn't know that you were the news person. Thanks for posting about Mango Minster. That would explain why I have over 60 entries already.

    I really appreciate your sharing your journey with us. This is a really scary thing, but we are all here for you.

    Mango Momma

  4. Hi, Claudette!
    I hope you have more good days than bad ones.
    My mom had done that "haircut at home"... with not very good results!
    I am sending you lots of love and kisses and hugs!
    Take care
    Lorenza and mom

  5. Hi Claudette..sorry to hear about the sore throat, it is perhaps a bit early for that, but I haven't looked at the "links" that Pippa's mom sent. I'm glad they are spacing your chemo will give you some time in the middle to feel a bit more human, and maybe go out for a "haircut." Do you need links to cancer support groups or have you already been in contact. They can put you in touch with lots of community resources of people (often survivors themselves) who will offer services (like makeup advice, haircuts and massages) at special rates, or sometimes they do it for free.

    Hope the coming week goes a bit better.

    Barb and Gussie

  6. Hi Claudette,
    We're sending you loads of hugs & kisses!

    We're sorry to hear about the side effects, but am sure many of us would help you find resources to ease that. Echoing Lorenza, we pray you have many good days better than bad ones...

    We hope the Lord would show you his ways in the coming days. Know that you're greatly loved and highly favoured in his heart, and you're precious.

    Mummy A, Goofy & Rudolf

  7. Glad to hear about the MRI test result. Keeping you in my prayers.

  8. That's great news about the MRI results! Usually, that means that they have caught it early. Hang in there, Claudette, and know that your DWB family is here for you!


  9. Hi Claudette...
    Great news about the MRI. Take care of that sore throat tho'!!!! Maybe I can get knitting on a cap for you???? Do you have fav colors??? Ruby LOVES to help me knit - LOL.

    sending lots of love and good thoughts!!!
    michele & ruby

  10. Claudette, try munching on Premium Crackers to help the nausea. I remember that from my pregnancy days. Plain toast helps too. Try to drink soups and juices so you can be well-nourished if you don't feel like eating. Ensure and other vitamine drinks would be helpful too.

    How's hubby with massages? Maybe he can give you some nice relaxing rubdowns with some unscented moisturizer. It will be helpful for your skin.

    I'd like to send you a little something, like a couple of pretty kerchiefs. Please email me your favourite colours and if you prefer a design or plain. It would be my pleasure to help you through your days with something pretty and useful.

    Bye for now. Take care of yourself.

  11. We are glad you got good news about the MRI. Take care of yourself.

    Love -

    Hershey, Kaci and Mama

  12. aaaah Claudette, sweetie, wish I could send you a lovely cocktail, which tasted good, and did you good too!

    lots of love, Jeannie xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Like Linda and Chef say, plain toast - allegedly slightly burnt - is good for upset tums. I might have said that on FB though!!

    And with Marv and Jeannie too, there are better cocktails you could be having, but hang on in, because you will get through the chemo, just take it one treatment at a time.

    You know that if you want any more info you can always ask me on FB or blog, or email or whereever.

    Katherine and The Cat Chaser, I mean, Pippa xx