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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi all,

lol, as promised...1) my wig....2) my fallen out hair...

"the Chemo Doo"

This is the new "chemo dooo"...dont know how i forgot to add what it looks like now..will do that next time...


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chemo Treatment!!

Hi all,

Well, my plan did not go the way i wanted it to...was gonna show you pictures, but when i got ready to take the most important 2, the camera battery will have to hold out on that post..

Wow, it felt like christmas time here yesterday...Linda (chef's mom) sent me some beautiful scarves to use to hide my bald head..and a puzzle book...amoung other things...i LOVE it all and thank you very much for it...

and I also got a package from York, Pa, from KKHHYYYRRAAA and her said from ur DWB family.....with lots of books and good smelling stuff....all kinds of candy!!! and Guess What, some of her famous floof....I let Rocky smell it and lol, had to chase it down, he had it and was gone...he also loved the treats..She also sent me a scarf, she said her Dog Nanny made me and its is beautiful...

Thanks to u all, w0w, u sure know how to make a person feel special!!

Today, was the 2nd treatment day, but i didnt get to have it...My platlet count is going down its postponed till next wednesday...He said if the platlet count is still down, we would prolly go ahead and do the chemo...Not sure what they are gonna do about this problem..I had a feeling this would b a problem...while i was there, i saw one of the other doctors and she set me up to talk to a cancer center patient navigator...Do u know what this lady did, we hunted me a wig....and hats to wear..will get a picture of the wig soon, when i put it on, i look just like my sister, BK!!! this lady's group meets once a month, and she gave me a schedule for the year...Next time, is talking makeup...(I hardly ever wear makeup), they show u new ways to tie the scarves around ur head..

Also yesterday, i finally got my new computer....Its a refurbished one and I have been paying on it forever....I havent got it hooked up yet, cause i thought i was to have the chemo treatment today...will hook it up tomorrow..I am using the keyboard, its, hard to make my big, clumsy fingers hit the right keys...i guess i will get use to it...

Thanks for all of ur concern, in here and in facebook...i do appreciate it and i KNOW I am not alone in this journey....


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update: Jan. 17th!!

Hi all,

Thought i would update a little for u..I had to go to the doctor's for bloodwork Friday...well it seems i have a low platlet count..that means i can get infections easy...and wouldnt ya guess i got a bad sinus infection..they called in some meds to the drug store and i have been on those since then...and Tuesday i have to be second chemo treatment is not far off, the 27th and i cant b wish me luck for the retesting...sinuses still have a lot of congestion, but its better than it was..i have no idea why its back, i had surgery for it a few years, looks like to me, if u have surgery one time for something, that should b all u need..

Time is creeping up on me, i should have gotten a picture to send off to Mango for the, just now, i thought of what i could do...will let u find out when we all do..the, i guess u can see where Rocky gets his brattiness from...

The days are getting warmer here, and thats good news...I am soo ready for spring (i know u cold loving people and furkids) wont agree..

I promise too, that i will get my act together and read ur blogs to rocky, so we will know what is going on..i have let everthing get to far behind...over 400 behind right now...but i will catch up..

ok, enough now, have a good nite!!


ps, lol, got water back on wednesday or more stinkies....ya dont know how much u miss something, till its not there....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling some better!!

Hi all,

After a really bad 3 days, i finally got some drugs to help with the poops to much and the sickie belly...the sickies have slowed down some now, thank, I might live now...

well, our luck keeps happening...on Monday, the guys from water company were here..i guess it being so cold we broke a pipe, close to the hook up at the road..Our neighbor was gonna help fix it, but i dont know when, soon hopefully...Hard having the dire rears with no, talk about stinkyyyyyy.....its always our fault, dontcha know...

Dont forget the Mango Minster 2010...dont think my news thingy is working yet..


Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st Chemo Treatment!!


My MRI was clean, so cancer hasnt spread to the brain...boy, was i sure relieved...that had me scared...

Last time i checked this bloggie, was 2 comments...As a lot of u know, i had the 1st chemo wednesday...Everything went good that evening, not sick, not tired or anything...and Thursday, it went great...but lol, my luck ran out Friday...SOOO sick on my tummy and the "cant poops"..One of the nurses called me that evening and told me to get some "milk of Magnesia" for it..cant remember what she said to do for the sickie feeling...I do feeel some better today, the "cant poops" are not as bad, still tummy upset..I need to eat something, but u all know how that is, when ur belly is rolling u dont want nothing to do with food...we made some jello a bit ago, mayb that will be enuff...hope so, ima starving..

My throat is hurting bad, not sure if its from the chemo drugs or sinuses..(they tend to drain and make my throat and ears hurt)..Hubby says its red and bumpie in, i do know its sore as heck...

The doctor said we would do 2 months of chemo, then a ct-scan to c if it is helping...boy, i need to get really use to needles...had bloodwork b4 they did the IV, and this coming friday more bloodwork...

and let me take this time to say, wow, addie, lucie and hailey and their mom, and maryann and "the brats", u both made my day the other day...all the goodies u sent, are Very much appreciated....Thanks so much!!!

so far, i still got hair....none that i can tell has fallen out...hubby had a glitch with his pay last week, so instead of me going to a beauty parlor to get my hair cut some..we did it...hmm, its a little lop sided, but dont look to bad..

lol, hubby told me today i was way to, i told him i guess so cause i felt like (insert HBO word)..

Next chemo treatment is the 27th, and now i know kinda what will go on...gonna take knock out pills for the 2 and 3rd day afterwards...and make sure i ask them what i can do to ease those side affects...

Pippa's mom gave me a couple links, those are the drugs thats in my "cocktail", thats what they call it...i would rather have a strawberry daquari...or a wine cooler...The links are here and here, if u would like to check them out..Thanks Pippa's mom!!

Ok, back to bed for me, take care all, till next time.


PPs, i did manage to get the Mango Minster 2010 on the news thingy...If it works, for some reason it wasnt showing up earlier...