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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April 4th!!

Wow, its been so long since i posted...For the last 2 treatments, the sickie days are getting longer...This last time i was very sick from that Friday to the next Thursday...and bloodwork on that Friday was very low...They called me afterwards and told me not to get sick, take temp a lot and wash hands a lot...Well, i thought i was getting bronchitis, but since I had some antibotics left over I started them and i feel not to bad right now...i have been taking them for about 3 days , get better to start it all over again, since my next treatment is the 12th, next wednesday..
I have started breaking out in itchy bumps and blisters, esp on my legs and tummy...the dr gave me some cream and the antibotics for it...He is not sure what it is from...

Years ago, I use to have mild migraines...and for some reason now, it seems i have started it again...It starts out 1st like i am having a panic attack, with a mild headache...then i have a light in my starts out small and gets huge...I cant really see the computer or the tv, and i also get sick to my tummy..also very very dizzy....I usually have to go to bed until the lights subside...I will have to tell my dr about this, mayb he knows what is causing it...or can give me something that will stop it..

After this coming treatment, i will have another ct-scan...He said something about if its better i might just to have to have the avastin..Not sure for how long...I cant remember if i told u about the avastin or not, but it stops the blood flow to the tumors...I will know more after the ct-scan..

Rocky and Bear are fine..I have been getting some surprises in the mail...Thank you so much...I hope to get a picture of it soon...and of my cranes...I havent gotten them all on the dowell yet, lol, there is a lot of them..I will try to update this a little more often and the pups blog...I thinks i got a bad case of lazyitis...

Thanks again for all the gifts and for ur continuing love u have shown me...This treatment is very hard to do, but i know i have friends all over the world pulling for me...and standing beside me...Thanks....Until next time:::::

peace and love,