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Monday, March 28, 2011

Can You Believe how long its been!!!

Wow, cant believe its been sooo long since I posted....almost a year...I prolly dont have any followers now, I have let u all down so much...

I did the chemo cocktail until around the last of May, the sickies really got bad toward the end...Sick with the tummy upset, really bad fatigue and the poops to much for almost 2 weeks after every treatment...In June i started on the drug Avastin, its not a chemo drug, so the side effects were not as bad...but by that time the chemo drugs had done their thing to my system and nails started bruising under the nails....and very very sore...Needless to say, our garden didnt do to well last year..hurt to plant the seeds....and i was sooo tired..

I took the avastin until i think it was January, then it stopped doing anything for me...So my doctor was gonna put me back on chemo drugs again...but when i went in for the treatment he had decided to try another drug..Tarceva, its a iv...I have been on that for about 3 months now...side effects are mild (compared to the chemo)..Just fatigue, mild tummy upset and constipation followed by the "poops to much..

Will post more later..