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Monday, March 28, 2011

Can You Believe how long its been!!!

Wow, cant believe its been sooo long since I posted....almost a year...I prolly dont have any followers now, I have let u all down so much...

I did the chemo cocktail until around the last of May, the sickies really got bad toward the end...Sick with the tummy upset, really bad fatigue and the poops to much for almost 2 weeks after every treatment...In June i started on the drug Avastin, its not a chemo drug, so the side effects were not as bad...but by that time the chemo drugs had done their thing to my system and nails started bruising under the nails....and very very sore...Needless to say, our garden didnt do to well last year..hurt to plant the seeds....and i was sooo tired..

I took the avastin until i think it was January, then it stopped doing anything for me...So my doctor was gonna put me back on chemo drugs again...but when i went in for the treatment he had decided to try another drug..Tarceva, its a iv...I have been on that for about 3 months now...side effects are mild (compared to the chemo)..Just fatigue, mild tummy upset and constipation followed by the "poops to much..

Will post more later..



  1. Wow, a whole year already? Tough having to go through all that, but you are a fighter, Claudette, and you still have lots of us who think of you often. Hope this next round of Tarceva does its job well.

    Hugs, Kathie

  2. Hi claudette. About time you posted on here :)

    Just re-reading your first post and forgotten how long you have been living with it. As the Op Pack said, you are one hell of a fighter and we are all with you.

    Off to look up Tarceva :)

    Good of you to be honest about side effects and crap (!) like that so that one day other people may know what to expect. Honesty is a good thing.

    Love K&P xx

  3. Glad you posted I have been keeping a lookout for an update... so pleased the new meds are working for you. I so admire your fighting spirit you are an inspiration to me x

    Ooops signed in as SnP

    This is Bren x

  4. Hi Claudette,

    Like Kathie put we hope the Tarceva does its job. Hoping too that the side effects go as you take it more. Also agreeing with K - I think it is helpeful for others to know about side effects and things. So thank you for sharing them with us. xx

  5. Congratulations from one survivor to another. Your courage makes me so proud.

    (aka..Gussie's Muzzer)

  6. Claudette
    You are so matter of fact about all the trauma and pain....just a little tummie upset ..I would be howling about the side effects. I hope with all my heart that this new pill will have it's effects with minimum daily pain and upsets. I admire you so much. I pray that you get well and have many many years of giving us your love and friendship. Your attitude and sense of humor and above all your kind heart make all our lives better for knowing you
    Asta sends her healing smoochie kisses
    I send hugs and love

  7. We hope the Tarceva works well for you, Claudette. It sounds like a much kinder alternative.


  8. Claudette, I am with Ami, you really are matter of fact. What an ordeal. It sounds like the new drugs are gentler. Hooray. Maybe you will get that garden in this year.

    Mango Momma

  9. We are happy that you have an alternative to the chemo drug and that it is working better for you.

    We pray for you every night :)

    BIG hugs to you!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  10. Yes, it's been a long time but you've had other things on your plate. It's been a hard year, but we hope things are going much better for you!

  11. You are so strong. Going through all this and still loving the animals and DWB friends like nothing was going on at all. Such a difficult year for you. Please know that we are praying for you...your healing...your continued strength...and just some peace.

    We all love you.

  12. I think you can tell that you certainly have NOT lost your "followers". We are all here, praying for you, hoping the new drug works without making you sick and happy and grateful that we have you as our very dear and special friend. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    I consider myself blessed to have you as my special friend.
    Love you!
    Joan and the whole Moondance Husky crew

  13. Glad to know the new med does not make you feel so sick.
    My paws are still crossed for you.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  14. As always thinking of you Claudette. xx

  15. We so hope the new drug works well for you. Mama knows well about drug side effects, not fun at all. Can't even imagine what the chemo effects feel like. Keep up the good fight, we are all with you Claudette!
    Wirey Hugs,
    Linda, Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  16. We are here -

    Just behind in reading!

    And we are still HERE for you as well!

  17. We know that you didn't let any of us down. We are so glad that the new medicine is not as harsh on you as the chemo has been. You have a good attitude just like Hershey's Grammy does.

    Love -

    Hershey, Kaci and Mama

  18. Hope you are doing okay now. Think of you often and see your comments on FB.

  19. I'm sending you a lot of strenght for your battle and I'm going to start following your updates now I have read the older posts.


  20. I wanted to say goodbye, Claudette but I remember what you had said before:
    We wont say good-bye, we will say "till we see you again"..

    Till we see you again, Claudette.
    Your departure has saddened our hearts, tonight seems to be darker and colder.
    We never forget you, rest in peace sweet Claudette.
    Mango's Mom

  21. Dearest Claudette,
    For the longest time and the most special of moments that you took time to visit my dogs Sweepy and Sumo, I thank you for the cheers, the love and caring for all furries.

    I hope that your passing was as peaceful and less painful. I just read the news today and it truly breaks my heart!

    Run free and pain free with Lacylulu, Pica and Bogart and all the furries in the Rainbow bridge. Until we meet finally,

    Lui and the hounds in heaven