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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Entry 1::

I am creating this blog so I can let Rocky and Bear have their blog back...and I know sometimes people are in a sad mood and dont wanna come here and get even more lol, enter this one at your own risk..

I have known this time in my life was coming...the drs (i had 2), now even more..told me they thought i had lung cancer in the last part of '06..the spot on my left lung were small then, and they decided to watch it....when i went to the hospital in spring of '07, i went into respitory arrest..i waited to the last possible minute to go...the doctors said i had COPD..things moved right along till i had to go back to the hospital in '08, thats when it was discovered the spot was slowly growing...and i started CT-scans every 3 months....the spot stayed the same for a year, so they decided every 6 months would b good enough...the 1st 6 months no change in the spot, then in i think it was August or September, it was growing..

In November i had a lung biopsy and a PET test...the biopsy was to confirm it was cancer and the PET test to see where all it u know, the biopsy said yes it was and the other test showed it had went to the lymphnode in the chest...also on my right lung was 2 pretty good sized bunch of little ones on both lungs...

I was referred to the cancer center, to see what could be first, it was decided i would have radiation/chemo...but when i went for the consulation, the radiation dr, wanted to wait to do the radiation because of it being in both lungs....

On the consulation with the chemo dr, he wants to do a MRI of the brain to see if it has spread to the brain...that is tomorrow (dec. 31) scheduled now, chemo starts wednesday the 6th...every doctor i have went to are worried about the thyroid...i had a ultrasound and it showed a nodule being 1.5 centimeters (i think)...they also said they dont do to much about them till they are 2 centimeters....but my doctor (dr. Joshi) thinks i am unique for some reason and he likes me....wanted to have a biopsy done...its was scheduled for the 17th of dec...but with me starting the radiation and chemo he wanted to wait and try that 1st...but from the way this chemo dr was talking, i think the thyroid biopsy is in my near future...

They cant tell me what stage yet, or which drugs will be used, not until he gets the MRI report..

I want to thank each and everyone of u that have supported me, left me very uplifting comments...the ones that have been though this, and the ones that know what will be...a lot of you are on facebook with me...

So, are u ready for this ride of, I guess i have to b...Some days will be good and some will not be so good....



  1. We went to your other blog to see if you had posted any updates and then we stumbled upon this new blog you set up. I don't know what to say. I hope that you get the best results possible from all these tests. Paws and fingers crossed for your MRI tomorrow.

  2. Claudette, we are with you. No worries.

    My thoughts are with you and thank you for updating us via this blog, very courageous, but sometimes it does help to write stuff out doesn't it?

    Prints The Cat said it all, exactly what I wanted to say. Take care, and know while you are undergoing this journey, you have lots of friends worldwide, thinking positive thoughts and willing you on to a full recovery.

    Your friend, in Scotland, Jeannie xxxxxx

  3. It's our journey too Claudette !

    We are right there with you !

    Love you lots,


  4. Don't you fret about this - we'll just fix it!!!

    Rest up and let Rocky help you to feel better...


  5. Hang in there, Claudette. We're here with you.
    - Anne

  6. You know. We never quite know, from moment to moment, what life holds for us. Any of us. But we do know that we can be in charge of our responses to hands we're dealt. You've got four friends right here, Claudette. Us. Jake and Fergi. And our people. Sally and Nina. Friends who choose to do our very best at facing each moment with hope, optimism, strength and faith. We'd like to support you in your journey. Sometimes actively. Often quietly. Always here. For you.

    Jake and Fergs and our people

  7. Claudette: Just another DWBer here to offer support in this journey.

    As a "survivor" I like the word Journey better than battle to describe cancer and its treatment.

    I had breast cancer 10 years ago, and thank doG I still show up good on the tests. I know how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband and family, great doctors, and a few good friends who supported me, each in their own way.

    From your posts, I can guess that your attitude is good. I think it is as important to have a good attitude as almost anything else. I also urge you to be an active is, after all, your journey, not anyone elses. So you need to know what is going on, how the decisions that affect you are being made, and when and how to get information and step into the decision process.

    I was fortunate to start my journey in good health. I did a great deal of research before and after the surgery. It was most helpful when it came time to make the decision about whether or not to take the intravenous chemotherapy, or to opt for the oral drugs. I knew that the difference in survival percentages were not that significant (less than 3%) with my type of breast cancer, and I also know myself and my body well enough to understand some of the comlications I would have been looking at with IV therapy.

    Was my oncologist happy with me? Noo..but he conceded that is was my body.

    Would I make the same decision today. Yes, but then the outcome for me has been fabulous.

    We also increased the radiation dosage slightly(again, a bit of a discussion.)

    Radiation made me tired, it made me weak, and it affected my appetite, but family, friends and co-workers carried me through.

    I have a mediterranean complexion (dusky olive), so I did not have surface burning, excet toward the very end of treatment. You CAN feel the heat internally, but remember, if it gets to be too much, you CAN take a break for a short period without significantly affecting your outcome.

    I used all the resources in my bag of tricks to relax during treatment and stay positive. I read somewhere that as you lay on the treatment table, think of the beams of radiation as good helpers heading for the cancer and helping your body resist the cancer. I also used Yoga breathing to stay as still as possible.

    That's it. I didn't have my radiation marker tatoos turned into butterflies (I wanted nothing to do with needles of any kind by the end of treatment) and I am sorry to say that I did not make any radical changes in my lifestyle. Just a few tweaks that made sense to me.

    I will pray for an outcome for you that is equal to or better than mine. And Gussie and Teka will keep paws crossed.

    If you want to get in touch with me, you can use Gus' email, or mine is badagger at yahoo dot com.

    Gussie's Muzzer

  8. Claudette, we will be sending all our positive thoughts to you and will do our very best to support you through your journey.

    Molly, Taffy. Monty and Hilary.

  9. We're with you, Claudette! Hang in there!

    Maggie, Mitch and Sue

  10. As I told you during our exchanges, I'm glad you are doing this blog!

    It will help with the venting -

    It will help us too!

    We are here!

    As Khyra would sign it,


  11. Claudette, this blog is an excellent way to help you along your journey... not only dealing with it in words, but also by staying in touch with your supportive friends.

    We're all here rooting for you!

    Linda and Chef

  12. Hi Claudette,

    This blog is a great idea - putting your thoughts and feelings into writing will really help a lot, as others have told you. This may be your journey, but that doesn't mean you have to walk it alone. We are here to walk beside you and to support you when you need it. Keep that positive attitude - nothing good can come of being any other way. God bless.

    Kathie and my OP Pack

  13. We're here for you and with you through this, you have a lot of folks (and pups) behind you!

    With love,
    Maryann & The Brats

  14. We're here for you too, Claudette. Have courage!

  15. We will be walking with you too!
    We are far away... but our heart is right there with you!
    Paws and fingers crossed here!
    Lorenza and Veronica

  16. Dear Claudette, you won't be alone in your journey.
    Even though we have never met each other but I always feel very close to you. You have bonded us DWBs together, you have shared the good news, sad news in DWB and now your own news to us.
    We're with you all the way Claudette. We'll laugh, we'll cry with you. We are the shoulders that you can rest your head and talk to us about everything.
    We wish you have as many good days, strength, and peace as possible.
    We love you, always.
    Mango, Chubs, Ximui and Mom

  17. We're with you too, Claudette! You are in my prayers EVERY DAY! Hang in there!


  18. Claudette...we are so very glad you are doing this blog...we have you in our thoughts and this will help us to journey with have a whole family here on DWB's...we care about you deeply and we'll surround you with our love! We know you have some days that are easier than others...we will be here for you on the tougher days too...

    We love ya!!

    Scruffy, Lacie, Stanny and Mumsie

  19. Wait for us, Claudette!
    We're here to take each step with you on this journey!

    We know the Lord is keeping you for good things to come, hang in there.

    Stay Positive,
    Andra, Rudolf & Goofy

  20. We are on board for your journey with all our hearts and good thoughts.

    Mango Momma

  21. Have not heard from you in a while. Hope you are doing okay.

  22. oh Claudette, this is the first time I learn about this. I am so sorry for being late. I was away from blogging for sometimes (life can sometimes give you less time to do everything you used to).
    I wanted to tell you that I am here, and will join you in your journey.

    Sending you tones of hugs
    Kat (mom to Snowy & Crystal