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Friday, March 19, 2010

March Update!!


I know been a long time...I took this of me and the "brat"last week...Whereever i am, he is...

Let's c, where do i start....Thank you to ever one of u that have sent me the cranes...and the gifts to make me feel better...I love it all....some i am have trouble figuring out who sent it, (is y i havent been to thank you yet), i will figure it out soon...those cranes are soo special to me, and hope to get a picture of them hanging soon...

As far as the cancer, i had the all important ct-scan Thursday....This is to c if the chemo is helping any....I have to get good results on it, and it will also tell me how many more treatments i need...So far, no treatment in March, i have to go get the results next Tuesday...Dont know if they will set chemo up for wednesday or not...guess we will c...I have started getting migraines again, not sure, if its from the chemo or not, thats on my list to ask the doctor..also, my feet are swelling big time...that could b from the diabetes, will have to ask about that too..This last chemo time, they told me something else to try for the sickies and the diarrea...Probotics...hope it helps, that 1st week after the treatment is a "_ itch"..Lol, my hats all of u have sent have really saved me....and everbody loves them...I have sooo many people pulling for me, i can do anything. I have no doubts that i will beat this stuff...

Will update Tuesday when i get the results...Thanks for being there for me..

Peace and Love,


  1. Thanks for the update!

    As for 'the brat' I'm sure I'd have Khyra with me too!

    We'll be watching for your news -

    Of course, never EVER forget we are here for you even if we aren't 'there' with you!


  2. Yeaaaaaaa, Rocky! Good boy for taking such good care of your mom! Maggie is taking the probiotics for her kidney issues and she's gone from stage 3 to stage 1 so we can highly recommend them!
    We're praying for you every single day, Claudette!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We think about you often, Claudette. We will cross our paws and send some extra sibe vibes along with Mom's prayers for good news on Tuesday. Hugs to you and Rocky.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom too

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date. We're praying the test has very good results for you. It's so nice that Rocky sticks with you, I know Butchy would stick to me for sure. Probiotics do work. I give them to Butchy daily and I started taking them since I have issues with all of the daily medications that I need to take. They seem to be working for me, so we hope they work for you.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Linda, Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  5. Hi, Claudette!
    Rocky knows where he has to be! Rigth there with you!
    I hope your results will be very good!
    We've heard probiotics are great. I hope they help you too!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Still and always pulling for you, Claudette! And Rocky, you are such a good boy cuddling with your Mama and making her ooogies feel better. We're keeping paws and fingers crossed for the news on Tuesday.

    Linda and Chef

  7. We're a couple days late catching up, but just wanted to let you know you're always in our thoughts. I've read great things about Probiotics and hoping they help.

    Love ya
    Maryann & The Brats

  8. We hope the probiotics do the trick! Our mom prays for you every single day and we have all of our paws crossed for good test results!

    Penny, Patches and Lana

  9. We think of you often Claudette and are so glad that Rocky is there right by your side..A billion hugs and kisses

  10. We're thinking of you all the time! Crossing all paws and fingers and toes for you! Sending lots and lots of Sibe Vibes!


  11. Oh Claudette...we know Rocky is helping ya being by your side and we know sweet Lacy is watching over you too!!

    Probiotics are wonderful...the doctor's in the hospital are prescribing them more and more often...

    We think of you all the time and keep you in our prayers too!!


    Scruff, Lacie, Stanny and Mumsie